About Us

Commercial Fitness Products
has been a leading supplier of commercial fitness equipment for over 30 years. We have developed a high level of expertise in equipping all types of facilities. We pride ourselves on being able to serve large scale fitness facilities looking for top of the line commercial equipment, as well as smaller facilities looking for stay within budget and work with limited spaces.


Our years of work with various brand-name equipment manufacturers have helped us to build solid business relationships and connections for all types of product…resulting in lower costs for our customers. We are able to access a wide variety of equipment for the best prices, and we pass those benefits on to you.

Along with great prices, we place Customer Service at the top of our company’s priority list. Our staff is courteous, accessible, and qualified. Our goal is to exceed your expectations…before, during and after the sale. We know you are going to have a good experience in working with us…along with receiving quality equipment at a great price. We offer services that we feel are just part of the total package:

  • We provide facility design services to assist you in creating an organized, functional and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of your equipment that maximizes your space and facilitates an optimal fitness environment.
  • We offer in-service demonstrations for your staff so that they can learn how to correctly use each piece of equipment as well as derive the most benefit through proper form and operation. We emphasize safety measures that prevent unnecessary injuries or equipment malfunction.
  • We provide Preventative Maintenance Plans to keep your equipment running smoothly and reduce downtime.
  • We provide full service repairs for all types of equipment including parts and labor.
  • We offer professional Delivery & Assembly and moving services. Delivering large fitness equipment requires specialized knowledge and tools to prevent injury and maintain the integrity of the equipment.
  • We offer financing through local Leasing companies experienced in the fitness equipment industry.

Whether you’re looking for top of the line commercial equipment, lighter commercial-grade equipment, or something unique and innovative, we have it all. Take a look at our online commercial equipment section or call us today!