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Medically Certified Equipment

January 26, 2023

Commercial Fitness Products, Inc. a leading provider of fitness equipment throughout Florida & the Caribbean has partnered with Matrix Fitness to offer Certified medical equipment.

The products earned the Med CE Certification under the European Medical Device directive and are specifically manufactured to meet stringent international standards for safety, bio-compatible materials and function to help healthcare providers follow exact training protocols and implement patient programs with confidence. In line with Matrix’ dedication to meaningful innovation, each product provides advanced ergonomics, enhanced versatility and intuitive adjustability.

Med CE Equipment

Leg Press

The Medical Leg Press helps therapists guide clients through a full spectrum of rehabilitation and progression programs, always working with the weight, position and range of motion that’s right for their client’s unique needs. Band hooks allow for plyometric and elastic exercises, and a wide range of options make it easy for medical professionals to customize their leg press to the particular injuries or limitations of their clients.

Leg Extension / Leg Curl

The Medical Leg Extension/Leg Curl gives medical professionals options like easy modification and small incremental weight adjustments so clients can make progress working with the weight, position and range of motion ideal for their unique needs.

Adjustable Pulley

The Medical Adjustable Pulley features a wide range of starting points, low starting weight and a 1:2 pulley ratio so medical professionals can pinpoint the ideal exercises for their client’s needs and build progressions.

R3xm Recumbent Cycle

The R3xm Recumbent Cycle lets therapists incorporate low-impact cardio earlier in their clients’ continuum of care.

T3xm Treadmill

The T3xm Treadmill makes it easy for clients with limited abilities to get moving and incorporate walking earlier in prescriptive exercise progression programs.

Commercial Fitness Products proudly represents the industry’s finest brand names, including world renown Matrix Fitness. Providing an array of premium products and services, including delivery, repairs and maintenance by their own professional trained local staff of Installation/Service Technicians.

Commercial Fitness Products’ offices are open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays by appointment only.

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